How to Make MintVine Work for You

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Making money from home works best when you make it work for you.

The allure is understandable, and the process is easy to set-up. Once you sign up for MintVine, you can jump right into taking surveys from home for cash, and you’re off to a running start. But you want to keep the momentum going and the cash flowing –  you’re just not sure how. Well, worry no longer, we’re here help!

Below are some curated tips to keep that pace up, and to keep you earning more points, and more cash, for your hard work. For seasoned survey takers, these might not be the most revolutionary tips, but they’re good cornerstones to keep in mind for panelists across the board.

The Daily Poll & Poll Streaks

The Daily Poll is the first place to look for daily points – it’s the fastest place to get points, and you get them immediately. Every day, a new poll is available on your dashboard (in the lower right, as seen below), and you get five points for answering it. And at the beginning of the next day, there’s a new poll. Answer, get points, repeat. The process is super easy, takes thirty seconds of time, the points go right into your account, and you’re free to flow right into surveys!

See the Daily Poll in the lower right hand of the screen

See the Daily Poll in the lower right hand of the screen (Source:


What takes this to the next level is the Daily Poll Streak.  After answering ten poll questions in a row, you get a bonus 25 points. Arguably, of course, this isn’t the biggest windfall. But it is 75 points for answering ten questions, or a total of five minutes of your time.

This is what the Poll Streak counter looks like on your earnings page

The Poll Streak Counter, visible on your earnings page (Source:


A major note to keep in mind about Daily Polls and the Poll Streak – when we said a new poll comes out every day, we literally mean just that: Every. Day. A new poll is still released on weekends and on any major holidays. This means that if you’re in the middle of a streak, you’ll want to jump on MintVine for a quick second and plug in an answer the poll. Otherwise, points are being left on the table, and that’s what we’re here to avoid.

Taking Surveys on Your Schedule

Making money taking surveys from home is the main draw, but it has to fit just right for you to get the best results. With MintVine, it’s quite easy to get the most comfortable fit in this situation because the site and process are so easily accessible. MintVine works for you to keep a vast rotation of surveys on hand whenever you have the time to take them. This is a great feature as a panelist, because it means that you can feel comfortable accessing the site whenever, and wherever, to find survey opportunities ready and waiting. Part of this is understanding your own schedule, too, though.

Because surveys are fairly in-depth, and geared toward getting your opinion spot on, they can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes per survey, and will require the bulk of your focus. It’s best to approach the surveys when you have enough free time to commit to them then, rather than a moment when you might be distracted, or have only a very limited amount of free time. Working on a survey or two during a daily commute on public transit is great, for instance, rather than trying to knock some out while in the middle of a business meeting. It’s best to sit down and take a good look at your schedule, and plan out when you want to tackle surveys. Time that you might have spent getting lost in a TV show can now be used to make money taking surveys.

This is a good time to take a look at the earnings side of MintVine, too. The money you earn taking surveys is real, but it’s not a suitable replacement for a job. It serves as a fantastic chance to make extra side money, or give you chance to have more fun, and get out and about, without feeling the strain on your pocket book. It won’t pay off all your rent, but it could take off some of the pressure, and if you’ve been eyeing a new pair of shoes, or wishing you had just a little more to help get those concert tickets, MintVine has got you covered.

Survey Invites in Your Email

Getting invites right to your email is a default function of MintVine, but it can feel like they’re never coming at the right time. Now, MintVine has provided a solution: personalized email scheduling. Going hand-in-hand with our last tip, as you look to your schedule for the best times to take surveys from home, note them down, and adjust your email preferences accordingly. You can set each hour of the day individually, so if you want all of your invites to come during the exact same hour, or if you want to spread them out throughout the day, MintVine is set-up to work with you, and never against you.

Set your email preferences from your profile dropdown menu

Adjust your email preferences from your profile dropdown menu (Source:

While surveys will now come to you at the times that work best for you, it’s still in your favor to start them as quickly as possible, and not let them sit for too long. Not only does MintVine have a vast number of surveys, it has an equally vast number of panelists ready to pounce on survey opportunities. Making sure you’re one of the first in line by taking surveys as they come to you will be in your best interest, and will work to get you more points.

Match with More Surveys

We’ve all been there – you go into a survey, take a question or two, and find out that the survey’s looking for a little something else. It’s a frustrating squirt of lemon, but let’s add the sugar, the water, and drink some lemonade. Before you leave the survey, you are presented with the chance to answer some demographically applicable questions by MintVine, or update information that’s been asked of you in the past. This may feel like a re-tread, and in the more, may feel like more frustration. But, if you answer this/these question(s), you automatically earn 6 points (the sugar), and, what’s better, answering these demographic questions will make you more likely to receive additional survey opportunities (the water). Congratulations, you’ve just made lemonade! Where one survey might not work out, it could immediately open the door to another survey, or two, or five. Sure, in the short term, it’s not a fun set of circumstances. In the long term, however, there is opportunity.

Friends in Need are Friends Indeed

The last tip in our list is a major point boost, but will arguably take the most work. To get a point bump that keeps paying off, you will want to take advantage of MintVine MVP, or MintVine referrals. By sharing the unique link you have on the MintVine MVP page with your friends – then getting them to register, and start taking surveys – you earn an immediate 50 points (once they complete their first survey) and 15% of all the points they make from survey completes and offers. This can become a huge point windfall, especially if you have multiple friends or family members join.

This is the MintVine MVP Referral Program


Reaching out with a legit way to make money from home should be easy, but not always. One way to make this easier goes back up to scheduling. Take our example of using what you earned from MintVine for a social event – if you get together with your friends, and all choose a concert you’d like to go to in the upcoming weeks or months, you might get some push back when it comes to paying for tickets. But if you and each of your friends have signed up for MintVine, and spend time working on surveys, you should be able to cover most, if not the full cost of the tickets by the time the show comes around. This can work for a theme park, a festival, or even a pizza night once a week – it all comes down to the same idea. A little extra dough lets you do more fun things with your friends and family, and MintVine is here to help, by paying you for your opinion.