Can You Make Money & Get Paid Taking Online Surveys?

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Having extra cash in your pocket throughout the week is the best feeling in the world.

It frees up your bank account to enjoy the little things in life – going out for lunch instead of bringing it from home, catching the hottest new movie on a Tuesday night, staying out on Friday to grab drinks with your friends, or even filling up your gas tank without dipping into your paycheck.

But finding ways to get extra cash without working yourself half to death is the tricky part. What if it there was a legit way to make money online? In reality, there is. With MintVine, the aim is to make enjoying life a little bit easier, by offering you a way to make money without the hassle, and using something you already have: your opinion.

legit way to make money online

MintVine: Make Money Using Your Opinion

Major brands and companies are desperate for feedback on new and existing products, and they want to hear from you directly. But collecting the opinions of countless customers can be a time-consuming and laborious process. To make this process easier, surveys are created for brands and companies to pinpoint the most important information relevant to their industries and products.

MintVine connects you to these surveys, and we have more rolling out everyday. Each time you complete one of these surveys, MintVine will pay you, because your time and opinion are valuable, and should be treated as such. Just let that sink in: you get paid to complete surveys as a real way to make money online. Seem too simple? Hear it from the source!

Each survey generally takes 15 minutes to complete, and earns you 50 – 200 points per survey. Once you reach 1000 points, you can hit the “Redeem Now” button and get paid either in a gift card (from a number of different vendors) or everyone’s favorite option, directly in dollars. Most people earn an additional $10 – $20 a month, sometimes every other week! It all depends on you. The more surveys you take, the faster you can potentially earn money from home, and the more you get paid for your opinion.

It’s easy to get started. Head over to, enter some basic information about yourself, and you’re all set to jump in! Once you’ve taken a couple surveys, you can refer MintVine to your friends for additional points. With new surveys rolling out everyday straight into your inbox, you’ll start making MintVine work for you in no time.

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