How to Have the Best, Frugal Valentine’s Day on a Budget (Major February 14 Savings)

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Valentine’s Day: A holiday all about love…AND the chocolate, flowers and fancy dinners associated with it. In 2015, it was estimated that Americans would spend $18.9 billion on Valentine’s Day, $1.7 billion on candy alone.

Luckily, you can show someone your love without having to empty your bank account. Here’s how to have a cheap Valentine’s Day that’s still special and amazing.


Don’t Buy Themed Valentine’s Day Chocolate


A Hershey’s kiss that is wrapped in pink and red may look like a good Valentine’s Day gift addition, but it’ll be more expensive than the regular wrapping that contains identical chocolate. Ultimately, the receiver cares about the chocolate inside, the thought and who it came from, not the holiday themed wrappers or expensive packaging.


Focus on a Valentine’s Day Experience Rather Than Gifts


Advertisements want to make you believe that you NEED to buy an edible arrangement to prove your love.

You don’t.

Think about an experience your significant other, child or other loved one would love to do. For example:

  • Set up a themed movie night (i.e. Put on Jurassic Park and serve dinosaur themed cookies)
  • Take them on a sunset hike and at the top, tell them your 5 favorite things about them
  • If they’re always rushing to make food, surprise them with a beautiful breakfast and/or a homemade lunch.  (It’s easy to serve Valentine’s Day themed meals with these 23 heart shaped foods, such as heart shaped bacon and heart shaped sandwiches.)




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Have an Early or Late Valentine’s Day to Save Money


Due to supply and demand, restaurants and related activities are going to be more crowded and expensive on Valentine’s Day itself. To save easy money, have a Valentine’s Day at home – cooking together and curling up with a favorite movie. Then, have your fancy Valentine’s Day dinner or event the next week or weekend to save easy money.

It is most ideal to have a LATE Valentine’s Day to save money because starting February 15th, all the candy, decorations and flowers go on sale. You can find savings up to 75% on Valentine’s Day chocolate and more.


Make Deliver Valentine’s Day Flowers Yourself


If you are going to give flowers, save money and make it more personal for the receiver by delivering your own Valentine’s Day flowers.

Also, you don’t have to pick out a bouquet from an expensive florist. Head to a retailer or wholesale store like Costco where you can select flowers and create your own arrangement. You’ll be shocked at how great a bouquet you can make for $25 – $50 cheaper.




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Give Valentine’s Day Coupons


Is there a chore a family member or significant other would LOVE for you to do? Maybe they hate vacuuming or would enjoy more back massages. Make coupons out of paper for these deeds, redeemable at any time. They’ll probably appreciate you doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom one weekend far more than expensive Valentine’s Day chocolate.


Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Cards


Hallmark and Papyrus charge obscene amounts for their holiday cards. Cards can go for $5, $7, $9. If you purchase just 4, that could be $28 alone. Instead, invest in some simple arts supplies like colored paper, markers and some fun stickers OR a buy pack of blank cards that can be used all year.

Not only is making your own Valentine’s Day Card much cheaper, it’s a more personal Valentine’s Day gift.


Here are examples of awesome, cheap, easy DIY Valentine’s Day cards:


Host a Valentine’s Day Potluck


Perhaps you have dinner alone with your significant other all the time. Make Valentine’s Day special by sharing the love to friends and family by hosting a potluck. Have each couple or person bring a dish, sharing everyone’s recipes and saving on Valentine’s Day dinner.


More Easy Ways to Save on Gifts


For more ideas on frugal gift giving, head to our blog: How to Save Money on Gifts (Easy Ways to Save Gifting).



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