Mintvine Reviews: What People are Saying Online

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In the Online Surveys industry, Trust is the most valuable commodity. We trust our users to leave honest answers on the surveys they take, and in turn, our users trust us to pay them for their opinion. Because at MintVine, we recognize that your opinion is valuable, and you deserve to be paid for it.

So, how can we help you trust us? Well, you can sign up risk-free and then ask some of our users in the forums right here on our website. But what about external trust? Who else has reviewed us? What have they been saying about MintVine? We’ve curated some MintVine reviews here, and we will update this page periodically with new reviews as they roll in.

So without further ado, we present MintVine reviews from around the web, unbiased, unedited, and totally trustworthy. Here’s what people have to say about MintVine:


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  • Loretta

    Mintvine Rocks ! I can personally attest to that they are fair.

  • Deama

    I just spent an hour answering dozens of questions on what I thought was a survey and then I was told that I did not qualify….WHAT? What was I doing then and why did you waist my time for nothing? Also I have earned two pay outs n the past and have been unable to get to either one for a payout. What a sham you have been Mintvine!!
    Has anyone else had this happen to you,

    • Justin_MintVine

      We apologize for the inconvenience. We try our best to pre qualify members for surveys however occasionally members can end up spending more time than desired for a none qualifying survey. If this happens in the future please contact us directly at so we can remedy the issue.

    • Sue

      just answered a bunch of questions, finished the survey just to be told “we have reached out quota for this survey” so I worked all that time for free. Bet they still sell the answers. How can we work and just not be compensated? Wait until the first class action lawsuit against sites like these over this kind of behavior and I will be the first to sign up. Bet these Mintvine employees don’t work for free.

      • Justin_MintVine

        We are sorry to hear about this negative experience with MintVine. Please utilize the “Report Issue” function so we can identify these surveys and investigate why they are giving our members difficulty. We do not “sell” answers to third party entities.

  • Sue

    I just completed a survey about politics/celebrities and abortion. Notice I said completed. I answered all the questions then was shown the canned phrase “we have reached our quota for today” which is just a way to get my work and not pay me. I bet you still turn the answers in to whomever requested it. I used to think Mintvine was different and better than other sites, but yours has begun to do the same thing to participants because you know you can’t do anything about it. There ought to be a law stopping you from mining work without pay.Would you work and then take a crapshoot on whether or not to get paid? That is exactly what you are doing to me. Wait until someone gets a class action lawsuit against sites like this and I will be the first to sign up.

    • Justin_MintVine

      We are sorry to hear about your negative experience with this particular survey. At MintVine, we do our best to present valued members with surveys that they are most likely to complete. If you come upon a survey that gives you a late OQ notice, please click the “Report Issue” link in your transactions screen and explain the situation so we can ensure you are properly compensated.