The 8 Most Affordable Cities in America (Especially with Kids)

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Take a minute to reflect: How happy are you with YOUR cost of living? Some US cities are shockingly expensive, but it’s easy to forget that America’s a massive nation (approximately the same size as Europe, in fact). There are a baffling number of cities, each with a totally different cost of living.

Taking into account a number of factors, such as rent costs and job opportunities, here are 8 incredibly affordable cities in America.


Buffalo, NY


New York City may be world famous, but, as one of the most expensive cities on the planet, it’s definitely not budget friendly. Luckily, there are plenty of other great, much more affordable cities in this renowned state.

Buffalo, the city responsible for buffalo chicken wings, is the second largest city in New York. Due to a population decline in 2000, home prices have been low ever since. The median home price is only $105,000, while the median income is a very reasonable $55,100.

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Cincinnati, Ohio


Cincinnati has a slightly higher average home price than Buffalo; the median price is $110,000 a house in Cincinnati, however, the median income is also a good chunk higher. The average person in Cincinnati makes $71,3000.

Where are all the jobs paying such salaries? A lot of big-name companies like Proctor & Gamble, Kroger and Macy’s are all headquartered here.


Cedar Rapids, Iowa


A vital factor for most people? Job opportunity. This is a big advantage of Cedar Rapids, Iowa as the unemployment rate is only 3.9%. The median home value? $133,900. Average income? $49,809.

The second-largest city in Iowa, Cedar Rapids is a town with a lot to do, from museums and libraries to a downtown of restaurants and theaters. Plus, the state of Iowa gets to enjoy much cheaper electricity and car insurance compared to the national average.


Birmingham, Alabama


Ever lived in a metropolitan city like San Francisco, LA or New York? If so, you probably dread the words “traffic” and “rush hour” as much as I do. In Birmingham, that doesn’t really exist…the average commute is just over 20 minutes according to the Birmingham Business Alliance’s president, Brian Hilson. For those that have driven an hour to work and back each day, the commute time could be worth the move alone.

The pricing and cost statistics of Birmingham, Alabama are definitely enticing, as well. Although the median family income is lower than the national average ($61,000), home prices, car insurance and most other bills are lower, too. Home prices average at $130,000, groceries cost 5.4% less than the the American average and health care is cheaper than the US average by nearly 30%.  

High five, Birmingham.


Memphis, Tennessee


The average home price in Memphis, Tennessee is only $180,375; that’s nothing compared to San Francisco, where the homes cost an average of $1 million. (That price difference could get you A LOT of groceries; that’s all I’m saying!)

Known as the place where rock was born, in Memphis you can save good money on houses, gas and other necessities. It’s a music-filled town with a lot of culture and events, yet still an affordable place to live.

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Salt Lake City, Utah


Interested in a town known for outdoor recreation and wicked good skiing? Maybe you’ve never thought about Utah living before, but hear me out, because it has a lot to offer.

So what’s the skinny on the Salt Lake City data? The median home price of $225,600 may be more expensive than some of the other cities listed in this blog, but so is the median income, which is $63,237.  Unemployment is low and job growth is on the rise.

Salt Lake City is also near many national and state parks. You can easily drive to Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Timpanogos Cave National Monument, Dinosaur National Monument and Capitol Reef National Park. Hiking, fishing, and biking lovers, let’s go!

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Omaha, Nebraska


I’m not sure what I like better about Omaha, the fact that the average commute time is only 20 minutes or that there’s a freakishly low rate of car accidents.

Besides great car safety (and low crime rates), Omaha also churns out other great statistics. It offers an average income of $46,000 and average median home price of $166,000.

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Crazy statistic: Young San Diegans often pay $550 to share a room in house with other roommates. Here in Oklahoma City, as viral video star Sweet Brown, an Oklahoma City resident, would say, “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. People in Oklahoma City can get a full two bedroom, two bathroom apartment for the same price, a mere $550.

If you have kids, Oklahoma City is also known for its good K-12 school system and, after, stellar universities for higher education.

Good education + Good Career Opportunities + Low Cost of Living? Team Oklahoma City.



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