Simple Hacks to Save Money on Entertainment (Never Pay Full Price for Movies Again)

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If you love going to the movies, you are not alone. Here are the statistics to prove it. According to the MMPA, more than 229.7 people in the US & Canada went to the cinema last year. Most of these attendees, myself included, went more than once. 1.27 billion tickets were sold in the US and Canada countries in 2014.

Movies are great, but they are even better when you know you’re not spending your entire budget on them, or any other entertainment for that manner.

Here are simple hacks to save money on entertainment.

Saving at the Movies

Check out these 3 specific, easy ways to save money at the movies:


Get Movie Pass.

Pay just $30 or $35 a month and go to AS MANY movies as you want at participating theaters (such as AMC) with Movie Pass. If you’re a big movie buff who goes to 5 movies a month, that means you’re spending an average of $50 per month. Buy a $30 Movie Pass and save $20 per month – that’s $240 a year.

Simply order your movie pass card, use the app to look up movies and then…go!

Skeptical? Take a 2 week trial to try it for free at this link:


Buy discounted tickets.

Retailers like Costco sell movie tickets in bulk, making each individual ticket much cheaper.  This hack seriously helps saves money on entertainment.


Go to a Matinee.

Instead of the classic dinner and a movie, how about a movie and brunch?


Nix Ticket Charges in General.

Almost all tickets have surcharges for paying online. To avoid this and save money on entertainment, pay by phone or at the in-person box office whenever possible.


Food Entertainment.

Eating out is very expensive, so it’s best to opt for cooking and eating at home as much as possible. However, if you’re going to eat out, make sure to first check out super savings and discount opportunities at sites like Groupon or Living Social.


Exploring Museums.

Hans Haacke once said, “Museums are managers of consciousness. They give us an interpretation of history, of how to view the world and locate ourselves in it.”
Are these “managers of consciousness” places you like to visit? If so, you know tickets can get expensive. However, it’s easy to save on this educational entertainment. They often offer special free days, discount days and rates (especially for families and students).

Likely to go more than once this year? Most museums offer memberships that are worth even if you go only 2 or 3 times that year.


Invest in Season Passes.

Like with your favorite museum, if you have a local venue you or your family enjoys, get a season pass for it. If you invest in just one or two, then you’ll a have a go-to spot on the weekends that is already paid for the entire year


Improv Shows.

Broadways shows are amazing productions, but they are incredibly expensive and tickets can be hard to come by. Local improv teams, in comparison, put on wickedly cheap shows. There isn’t extensive directing, set design or such costs required for an improv show, so tickets for great, funny improv entertainment are cheap.


Attend Local Sports Games.

Professional sports events can put huge dents in our wallets. The tickets cost a lot alone, but then you must factor in the other costs, too: transportation, parking, gear and food.

In comparison, there are a lot of amateur teams that host full-experience games and offer incredibly cheap tickets. There are a lot of fans that actually prefer these games because of the more heartfelt, genuine connection and fan culture.


Free Live Music.

You may be surprised by the amount of free live concerts in your area. How do you find out about cheap local entertainment? Read over your local newspaper, city’s online website or hop on sites and apps like the ones featured in this Mashable article to find out about free concerts and shows near you.


With Friends, Host Potlucks Instead of Going Out.

Dinner and drinks are expensive anyhow, but the costs are even higher with a large posse. The bigger the group, the more likely you are to have heavier surcharges (18% – 20%) slapped on. Instead, offer to host a potluck in which everyone brings something to eat or drink. (It’ll give people the chance to make the recipes that have been on their Pinterests forever.)


Ditch Cable.

According to, the average American currently spends $123 per month on cable. It was only $86 per month in 2011, so it’s predicted costs will continue to rise.  Whether it’s just dropping premium channels or the full cable package. There are so many channels we don’t watch, and it’s not worth the cost. Have a favorite show? Nowadays, it’s easy to find them on Hulu, Amazon or iTunes.