How to Have a Clean House in Record Time

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Do you remember your last house cleaning panic? Maybe your parents announced a surprise visit. Perhaps you didn’t have time before a big dinner party.

Grab your washing up gloves and get ready because here are top house cleaning tips that will let you have a clean house in record time.


Start Laundry & Set an Alarm

Maximize cleaning time and start your laundry before the main cleaning. Set an alarm for when it’ll be done. When that alarm goes off, take a quick break from other cleaning duties to move the load into the dryer. By the time you’ve done most of the house cleaning; a load laundry will be ready to fold.

Prep Your Cleaning Tools

Prepare everything you’ll need to clean. I typically get out my:

  • Laundry basket
  • Rags
  • Bucket
  • Cleaning sprays & wipes
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Broom

mintvine-matt-clean-your-house-in-record-time-cleaning-tips-clean-advice-1Grab a Laundry Basket & Declutter

Go through each room and grab items that don’t belong. A jacket on the kitchen table. Toys in the dining room. If I don’t have time at that moment, I can always sort them later. Once clutter is out of the room, it’s just so much easier focus on the nitty gritty cleaning.

(If you have a team of helpers, an excellent job is for them to take this laundry basket of items and put them back in their proper places.)

Go From Top to Bottom

If you live in a house with more than one level, start from the top and work your way down. This isn’t an exact science, but cleaning professionals swear by it.

Tackling the Living Room

Start with straightening up the living room: reorganizing DVDs, putting magazines away and so on. From there, do your dusting, pillow fluffing and vacuuming or sweeping.

mintvine-matt-clean-your-house-in-record-time-cleaning-tips-clean-advice-14Cleaning the Kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen in record time is all about multitasking. Here’s a course of cleaning action I’ve found successful:


  • Fill used pots and pans with hot water & soap.
  • While those soak, load the rest of the dishes in the dishwasher.
  • Wash the pots and pans, then set them on the drying rack to dry.
  • Hit the counters with cleaning wipes or a damp rag and cleaning solution.
  • Take care of any other cleaning needs before putting away the dry dishes.


In general, there’s one rule that truly simplifies kitchen cleaning: The less on the counters, the better. Store as much in cupboards as you can. (Unless you use that toaster every single morning, put it away in an easy to reach spot! And don’t forget to clean the toaster; they can get real dirty real fast.)

Taking on the Bathroom Cleaning

This may not be your favorite part of the cleaning regime, so here is advice on cleaning bathrooms I’ve found valuable.


  • As with the kitchen, multitask as much as possible to speed up the process.
  • Pour toilet bowl cleaner (whether store bought or a homemade solution like this vinegar & baking soda mixture) into each toilet in the house.
  • While that soaks, tackle the other cleaning duties like disinfecting and cleaning sinks,bathtubs and mirrors.
  • Now that the toilet cleaner has had time to soak, go back around to those toilets & do the final scrub.

Tend the Entryway

Leave the easiest part for last, I say. Sweep or vacuum the area and make sure everything is in its place – that’s about it here.

(Many homes store shoes in this area. Have a problem keeping shoes tidy? I highly recommend getting a bookshelf or this genius shoe contraption, the Troves from Ikea, to keep shoes organized.)