Here Comes Halloween!

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It’s getting cold and the trees are losing their leaves. Somewhere it is snowing and stores are closed down, but everywhere else massive piles of candy are going on sale. Halloween is around the corner and people are getting ready. “What do you need for halloween?” you might ask. Three things – 1. A costume 2. Massive amounts of candy 3. Decorations.  We’ll leave the first two up to you. But if you are looking for good, scary, and inexpensive Halloween decoration ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Caught in a Web

Wrap spooky skulls and spiders in spiderweb. Hang from the ceiling.

Haunted Terrariums

Fill empty jelly jars with twigs, crows and spiders to make a haunted terrarium.

Spooky Ghost

Make a paper ghost to stick on the mirror.

Glowing Drinks

Add tonic water to drinks to make them glow.

Scary Spirits

Cover styrofoam heads with cheesecloth and hang from the ceiling.

Vent Pipe Pumpkins

Turn dryer vents into pumpkins.

Glowing Eyes

Cut out different shaped eyes from toilet paper rolls and place glow sticks inside. Hide them in the bushes and trees.

Spider Pods

Place a glow stick inside a water balloon and hang from the ceiling inside a stocking.

Ghost Hands

Fill a latex glove with water to make a ghost hand for your punch.

Chicken Wire Ghost


And there you have it, 10 quick easy tips sure to spook your guests out this Halloween. Be safe and have a great time!