Back to School Savings Tips

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Labor Day has already happened? Did the summer really fly by that quickly? Unfortunately the answer to both of those questions is a begrudging yes. And to prove it “back to school sales” seem to be popping up everywhere and alarm clocks seem to be going off sooner.  This year Mintvine is here to help you streamline your process to get you ready for school and help you save a few bucks while doing so.

Put in Planning Time

First, gather any back-to-school supply lists from your kids’ schools, add the clothing and any extras they’ll need, then look through the calendar to try to predict the cost of upcoming school activities, suggests Dunn. “As parents, we often get surprised by expenses that we shouldn’t,” he says. With your list in hand, it’s easier to set a realistic budget for each category.

Focus on Big-Ticket Items

There are so many ways to save these days: coupons, incentive programs, rebates, weekly specials, online-only deals. To cut through the clutter, Chrissy Pate, co-author of Be CentsAble: How to Cut Your Household Budget in Half ($14,, recommends focusing on finding the best prices for the most expensive items on your list. “Don’t worry so much about what the prices of the crayons or the pencils are because you’re going to find pretty good deals everywhere on those,” she says. “You’ll save the most money on those big items, as well as time and gas money.”

Best for: Computers, calculators, cell phones, backpacks.

Shop on Tax-Free Days

Many state and local governments offer special tax-free shopping periods with the back-to-school shopper in mind. Check our list of tax-free shopping dates to find out when you state is participating and which items are exempt.

Best for: Clothing, school supplies, computers, books.

Follow Your Favorite Stores

Back-to-school clothing sales start appearing in mid-July through the end of August, and the options can be dizzying. “They’re putting lots of coupons out there,” says Pate. She suggests keeping track of your favorite retailers’ deals by following them on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. “Then use those coupons in conjunction with sales to really get the biggest bang for your buck.”

Buy Free Money

Once you’ve decided where you’re going to shop, look for discounted gift cards to those stores on sites like or You’ll save as much as 25 percent on cards recipients don’t want.

Best for: Clothing, electronics.

Shop at Consignment Sales

If you like consignment stores—where you can buy and sell used clothing in good condition—look for group consignment sales in your area. These mega sales, which are usually held over a weekend, bring together a plethora of consigners’ items under one roof. If you want to take care of an entire season’s worth of shopping in one afternoon, this is the place. “It’s especially great for younger kids because they outgrow their clothes so quickly,” says Pate. Find a national directory of consignment sales at

Best for: Clothing, sporting equipment.

Go Green for Lunch

When it comes time to pack those lunches, think reusable. Washable sandwich bags ($9,, perfectly portioned bento box-inspired lunch cubes ($5,, and real spoons from your utensil drawer require an initial investment but will save money on plastic bags in the long run and keep all that plastic out of the landfill.

Get Your Kids Involved

Back-to-school season is a great time to teach budgeting basics to your children. “Give your children a clothing budget and a list of necessities, and let them help make decisions on the rest of the wardrobe,” says Dunn. This also works with extra-curricular activities. “Does it cost $50 to join the Spanish club? Varsity volleyball uniforms and fees are $150? If so, then they need to know that their activity of choice is not only a time commitment, but a financial commitment as well,” he says.