Things Sure look Different Around Here, don’t They?

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Yes, changes have been made. We reconfigured the design as well as made a few changes to make Mintvine a better experience for you guys.  The biggest change is that you should now be able to use MintVine 2.0 easily on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.  We understand there still some irritations when opening up surveys on your phone but I assure you we are working on that too!  There are also still a few bugs to work through (and thanks for the help too!) but I think we’re just about where we want to be.  We all know change is scary and tough at first, but we assure you, within a few weeks you will have completely forgotten what the old Mintvine looked like

Here’s a few things of note to look out for in MintVine 2.0!

1. Local Offers – What are they?  Brand new!  Find great local deals on restaurants and your favorite products and services.  And get rewarded for it!  Quick note-these deals take 45 days for your points to clear to account for returns or purchase cancels.

2. Polls-Featured poll shows up on your dashboard page as usual and you will earn 5 points for answering this poll every day.  You will also have access to the most recent 6 polls on the Polls page.  Hidden points can soon be found when answering a poll on this page.

3. Improvements to understanding Points.  You should see a very clear legend on your Earnings Summary page explaining pending points vs approved points, and everything else you need to know. Simple is better!

4. Profile Surveys-where did they go?  They left! But alas, they are coming back in the form of regular surveys emailed to your inbox.  So be on the lookout!

5. MVP Program.  We’ve tried to make this easier to share your personal MVP link.  You will also see advertisements and other promotional tools to help you promote your MintVine MVP Program in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!

As always, we greatly appreciate our community and ALL of you feedback is always welcome.

Enjoy the new Vine!