What City Should you Actually Live in?

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How many times has a new friend turned to you and said “You would LOVE it up in quaint-quirky-town, you should totally come visit!”, or had a random acquaintance, stop, turn to you, and hastily tell you “you sound just like my buddy from loud-obnoxious-city”. Or maybe you just dress like a hipster and everyone assumes you’re from Austin/Brooklyn/Portland/Seattle/Silver Lake.

Well, question no more. There is a test for this.

The wonderful people at Buzzfeed have come up with a survey of their own to let you know the one city you should actually live in.  Call it the “hometown of your heart”.

So, the next time someone stops mid-sentence, pauses for a moment and says “you totally look like you could be from Connecticut”, you can coolly tell them “nope, according to Buzzfeed, I’m from entirely-different-place.”

Click here for the test.