Super Bowl Rundown

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Super Bowl 48 has arrived! For the past two weeks, the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks have been practicing and preparing for their showdown in New York. Meanwhile, I’m sure you all have a showdown of your own – what to make for your party, or if your going to a party, what to bring. Now, we all know this can be tough. Super Bowl parties are known to be gluttonous affairs filled with everything from fried foods to cheeses and chilis and dips, and bringing the same dish as someone else can be more awkward than two actresses wearing the same dress on the red carpet. So, unless you already have your go-to dish all ready to go, check out some of these websites for some ideas.

11 Seattle and Denver themed foods –

6 tips and 4 recipes for throwing a party on a budget –

14 of the best Super Bowl party foods –

100+ Super Bowl Party Recipes –

Or feel free to share your own favorites recipes in our Comments section below.

Another thing you’ll need at your party is going to be games.  Of course there will be a core group of people there only interested in the football game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun for everyone else. Here are a few suggestions for some side games:

Squares, this ones a classic, you can find printable sheets and instructions on this site –

Another fun part of the game is all the crazy Proposition bets – – this website has a printable rundown of all the fun bets to pass out to your guests.


So, have a great weekend, enjoy the game, and please share with us some of your favorite Super Bowl traditions.