Everybody’s Talkin’ at me…

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As you may have noticed by now, we are in the business of feedback. Whether it be through surveys, polls, or our offers – we exist because of you guys, and your opinions and thought,s and your ideas.  So while we thank you for all your feedback and opinions on other companies’ products, we also need some feedback on our own.  Which is why we have gone to great lengths to build a forum, squash that forum, and replace it with (in our opinion) a much smoother and less confusing forum/customer service system that we have started using just last week.

First, I’m going to take a bit of time to explain how to use the new customer service/feedback widget.  You can access it by clicking on that little grey question mark on the bottom right portion of our website.  Once you do you can either ask a question in the box provided, that will instantly send an email to our customer service team, or you can access the forum by clicking on the “what should we add next” button.  From there, you will see two previously proposed ideas, a not sure button, and a link that says “or, post your own idea”.  If you see something related to your idea click on that, if not you can continue to search for something by clicking the not sure button, or if you just want to continue straight through to the forum, click on the “or, post your own idea” link which will then take you to a blank field to post an idea and a “feedback forum” link to take you to our forum.

If any of that was confusing, we encourage you to send us an email via that little question mark in the corner.

But for the most part, looking at how everyone is using this new widget, you seem to be getting the hang of it.  The forum has a ton of awesome different topics up right now and we are loving the dialogue you guys have going. We just recently added a new topic, about our offers, that we would really love to hear  from all of you about.