State of the Union

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Hello everyone, just wanted to do a blog about everything that’s been going on.  We’re constantly changing things behind the scenes in an attempt to make your experience as user-friendly and fun as possible and, most importantly, as rewarding as possible.

The first thing I wanted to address is MintRoll. For starters there have been problems and confusion involved with the downloading process, as well as points not being awarded to all who were able to download the software. The main problem we were having there was certain web browser/device combinations caused “bugs” (for lack of a better term) resulting in 0 points being awarded, or the software not properly downloading.  This is all currently being fixed (woooooo!), but this is what is causing the delay of MintRoll surveys coming out.  Hold tight please and if you haven’t been invited yet it’s because we’ve held off to fix some of the “bugs” first.

Another big issue is users not being awarded points for completing offers.  Here’s the thing about offers, they are all provided by 3rd party companies that supply alot of other survey-based websites with offers as well.  As well as offering on multiple websites, certain companies provide multiple different offers to ours too.  The problem with this is that these companies only want your email address, so when you complete one offer on a different website that is provided by a company that provides an offer you do on our site, you give your email to them twice, they are going to disqualify that second offer, regardless of what you had to do to complete that offer.  What we have been doing to combat this lately is we are looking at your account and manually awarding you the points IF there is just reason for doing so.

One of the smaller issues, yet one we take of pride in, has been problems with the forum.  This has been troubling because our business is your feedback; so if you are having trouble logging on, navigating, or just not understanding how to post we can’t hear from you.  In the last week or so we have decided to scrap the current forum in order to install a much user-friendly, easier to use model that we hope to have up as early as next week.

Finally, we are bringing more surveys for you every day.  Sometimes they are a bit sporatic but this will continue to get better and programs like MintRoll will also provide you with many more money making opportunities.  Say that 3 times fast!

Thank you to all the MintVine Community Members for your continued efforts and support.  More good stuff to come soon!