Holiday Season is Approaching…

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and you know what that means.  EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS.  So besides giving you the chance to make some easy money with us, we’d also like to share some tips to save a few bucks here an there.

Here are some of our favorites:

Tune out the conspicuous consumption of others. Ignore your friends’ Facebook statuses from the mall. Remember: many big spenders are even bigger debtors. YOU are on the right path

Use a budget-tracking app for up-to-the-minute information about your spending and balances. InCharge staff pick:

Try Dinner Spinner for your holiday leftovers. This App will come up with recipe ideas based on the ingredients in your kitchen and cabinets.

If you can’t afford plane tickets this year, arrange a holiday “Skype-a-thon” to visit with remote friends and family.

Throw on a festive holiday sweater and turn down the thermostat.

Serve your meal on smaller plates. Your guests will be thanking you for helping them eat 15-20% less.

If you have trouble with impulse-buying, skip Black Friday and trade it in for cyber Monday. Save money from the comfort of your living room, without getting caught up in the frenzy

Fill up your tires with air for maximum fuel efficiency on a holiday road trip.

Did you know that retailers make billions of dollars a year on unused gift cards and 25% of holiday gift card recipients from 2012 admit they haven’t yet spent them? Give cash instead.

This isn’t your grandmother’s coupon envelope. For those with a smartphone, try CouponSherpa. No clipping required, this app searches for coupons that can be scanned directly from your phone.


Those are just a few, so if you’ve got your own please share them in the comments section below.