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You love taking surveys, we love providing you with them.  Easy enough, right?  Not always.  We know that some surveys seem easier to take than others.  Multiple choice surveys are pretty straight-forward, just take enough time to read the question and give your answer some thought before blindly choosing an answer and moving on.  However, other types of surveys such as the “on a scale from 1-10” and surveys with open-ended questions, tend to give us and our users (you guys) a little bit more trouble, as described by one of our clients.

“One of the two most troublesome methods are the scale of 1 to 10 when the client will list several scaling questions in a row.   They will manually reject all answers that are in a “straightline” – meaning the member selects all 10s or all 1s or all 9s, etc.

 And the 2nd and most troublesome method is the “open end question” – any garbage type response will garner an immediate rejection from the client.   Answers must be quality and well thought out.

 The problem with these 2 method examples is that you the member may successfully complete the study and anticipate the reward of the points – however at the conclusion of each project – our client manually analyzes each response – so any of the responses that happen to fall in the above 2 examples will be deemed rejects and thus we cannot reward you for your time.”

So when you find yourself in the midst of a survey, just try and slow down and give complete, thoughtful answers.