Show us your MintVine Money

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Living in a time of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Selfies, the world has rapidly developed a “Look at Me!” culture.  So, while we do not completely agree with it (because it made Kim Kardashian a celebrity, and everyone with a twitter account wants to be like Miley Cyrus) we do acknowledge its presence.  However, we do realize this makes us sound like your curmudgeonly uncle, which is why we are taking the “if you cant beat em, join em” road.

If you have cashed out on MintVine, we want to see it.  You can take a picture with your money, or of your money. You can take a screenshot of your Paypal account or anything you may have purchased online.  You can take a picture with something you bought with it, or if you’re feeling creative, go spend it on materials to make something and take a picture of that.  There are no real guidelines or rules (other than no nudity, graphic, or violent imagery), we just want to see your beautiful faces along with some of the money you’ve earned here on MintVine.

Of course, we respect your privacy so if you do not want to show your face or any other personal information, we understand, yet still encourage you to find a creative way around it.

If you are unable to load your pictures into the comments section here, send them to with “Mintvine Money” as your subject and we will handpick our favorites to share with everyone else on here each week.