Rock and Roll

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As most of you have noticed, we recently released our newest feature – MintRoll – to all of our users.  Granted, there were some bugs and flaws the first couple days (browsers not supported, messages saying it has ended, etc) but we have cleaned those up and it is now entirely functional. Now, all we need to do is convince you to try it.

MintRoll is a bit different than just surveys or offers. It is a software provided by Compete ( that tracks your online browsing and purchasing habits and provides you with at least 3 surveys each week, specifically tailored to you based on this information.  They all run about 7.5 minutes and will pay out 200 points for each complete.  Because each survey provided to you is based off of your browsing history the qualification rates are all very high.

Now, I know your thinking “I don’t want just anybody knowing what it is I’m doing online” and we feel the same way.  Which is why we can promise you that neither us or Compete will be doing anything with that information other than using it to provide you a more consistent, lucrative survey-taking experience.  We will not sell your information to other companies or the government in any way.  This is an entirely secure software.

So if you find yourself wondering why you never qualify for surveys, or get frustrated when you spend nearly 45 minutes on one to be told you’ve been disqualified, give MintRoll a try.  If you don’t like it you can find our easy steps on how to uninstall in our FAQ section.